How to enable “Stereo Mix” in Windows 7


Hamsphere and Stereo Mix

In order to adjust the output from your PC’s audio card, you need to be able to access Stereo Mix which is an audio tool available within Windows. On new computers, this tool seems to have been omitted which therefore creates problems for those who wish to use it for programs such as Hamsphere.

To check to see whether or not you have access to this tool, complete the following process:

Go down to the audio icon in your system tray, right-click it, and go to “Recording Devices” to open up the proper settings pane.

In the pane, right-click on a blank area, and make sure both “View Disabled Devices” and “View Disconnected Devices” options are checked.  You should see a “Stereo Mix” option appear.

Right-click on “Stereo Mix” and click “Enable” to be able to use it.

I Still Don’t See It…

In some cases, your audio chipset drivers aren’t helping your cause.  Most likely, this is because they’re outdated.  In other instances, however, it’s because the newest Windows 7 drivers don’t support this feature.  You can get around the issue by downloading and installing the older Windows XP/Vista drivers for your audio chipset.  My chipset is the fairly common Realtek AC97 variety and my problem was solved by downloading the Realtek Azalia drivers. As soon as they were installed, I immediately had access to “Stereo Mix”. As always, before changing your drivers, make sure create a system restore point in case things don’t go as planned.